Forza Horizon 4

It should be out in October, and does that mean Forza 7 will have real competition? Well, for me the Horizon series is more of a “fun” driving game, while Forza 6 and 7 (the ones I have) are more serious racing games, at least compared to the current Horizon 3 (got it too). If you’re in it for the cars and gorgeous graphics the new game will be smashing, without a doubt. But if you like more serious racing in proper race tracks and if the new Horizon 4 follows the same formula of it’s predecessor, maybe Forza 7 is still the better game.

Pikes Peak

That is Ari Vatanen in 1988, driving a Peugeot 405 T16. It took him 10:47.220 to run the more than 156 turns in 19.99 km and climbing 4720 ft of the Pikes Peak Highway in Colorado, USA.

Last Saturday 24th, Romain Dumas aboard the Volkswagen I.D. R (electric car) did the same run in just 7:57.148. Time passes and we get faster.